Specialist Melting

The Materials Processing Institute was originally the process research centre for the UK steel industry and has over 70 years of expertise in the steel sector.

The Institute is equipped with a range of state of the art steelmaking and refining equipment together with ingot and continuous casting facilities.

Ingot Production

The Normanton Plant has the capability to produce and supply ingots in standard and specialist grades in relatively small quantities.

This is achieved using a modern Electric Arc Furnace with melts capacity of up to 7 tonnes (minimum 3.5 tonnes) using high grade scrap plus precise alloying elements.

Secondary steelmaking is achieved in a Ladle Arc Furnace with vacuum degassing, argon purging and steam ejectors.

During melting, the samples are analysed in the Institute’s laboratories using an Optical Emission Spectrometer with computer-calculated adjustments made to alloy composition in the melt.

Ingot casting is achieved by bottom filling of the ingot moulds using a trumpet and runner arrangement into square or slab moulds. The trumpet and runner can be pre-purged and the ingot top shrouded with inert gas. Ingot weights of nominally 5 tonnes are standard although other weights can be produced. Continuous casting is provided by a vertical with bending caster producing square or rectangular cast.


  • Special grades of carbon, alloy and stainless steels, not readily available elsewhere
  • Square or slab ingot or cast billet forms
  • Manufactured to customer specifications
  • High degree of cleanliness using vacuum degassing and argon purging
  • Supported by extensive metallurgical laboratories and qualified personnel
  • Fast turnaround of orders
  • Ability to offer relatively low cast weights of around 5 tonnes
  • A variety of cast ingot and concast billet sizes
  • Competitive pricing
Pouring from Electric Arc Furnace to Ladle
Lifting ladle ready for casting
Bottom filling of ingot

Metals Manufacture

Steel manufacture ranges from conventional carbon / manganese steel through the full range of engineering grades, to complex multi-alloy stainless steels.

With enclosed secondary steelmaking facilities including ladle furnace with vacuum degassing, the Normanton Plant has the capability to produce a wide range of grades.


The Plant can also be used to produce ingots or cast billets for:

  • Special commercial orders of non-standard grades
  • Product development including new steel grades
  • Process development support
  • Processing of revert material
Secondary Steelmaking and Casting
Secondary Steelmaking and Casting

Associated Facilities

To support melting activities, the Institute has a suite of laboratories and analytical facilities, including fully equipped metallurgical laboratories undertaking analysis of melts.

Sample Analysis

Download the Specialist Melting Leaflet

Download the Specialist Melting leaflet

You can download our Specialist Melting leaflet in PDF (Portable Document Format) here. You will also find other downloadable leaflets and other documents in our Downloads Section