Technical and Scientific Information

Technical & Scientific Information

The Institute provides information retrieval services on a wide range of scientific, technological, product and industry data.

Information retrieval can be very time consuming and without access to a wide range of sources and resources, key information may be overlooked.

Research teams at the Institute undertake technical, scientific and document research, as well as providing relevant support to organisations or individuals wanting to carry out their own research.

Information is sourced and retrieved from both internal and external resources to provide the best possible information which focusses on the specific requirements identified.

The Institute has extensive knowledge in materials, metals and technology and the main areas it provides information and carries out searches are:

  • Iron, steel and specialist metals
  • Materials
  • Industry processes
  • Science and technology

The Institute’s research expertise is focussed on gathering relevant and key information to help industry, organisations and individuals:

  • Find answers to questions quickly
  • Make informed decisions
  • Use time efficiently
Industry Support Packages - View more details
  Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
Monthly Bulletins 6 Bulletins per month 4 Bulletins per month 3 Bulletins per month
Literature Searches 15 per year 10 per year 5 per year
IP Searches 6 per year 4 per year 2 per year
Industry Standards / Books 15 per year 10 per year 5 per year
Document Supply (articles) 40 per year 25 per year 10 per year
Patent Consultation 6 per year 4 per year 2 per year