Doctoral Academy

Are you a company looking for support and expertise with a particular research project?

Are you a university active in the materials or metals sectors and interested in becoming a partner at the Doctoral Academy?

Are you a postgraduate doctoral student looking to support industry research?

The Doctoral Academy creates opportunities for closer alignment of academic research by connecting doctoral students, metals and materials industries, universities and SMEs.

Through sharing resources, the Doctoral Academy provides a structure for companies to engage with academic research and expertise. This collaborative approach enables the Academy to increase understanding and establish better links between the metals and materials industries, doctoral students and universities working on relevant topics.

The Doctoral Academy hosts students and provides mentoring and access to specialist expertise and facilities. This supports the training and nurturing of research experts to deliver innovation for the metals and materials industries and to develop leaders of the future.

The Doctoral Academy promotes awareness of doctoral education generally, publicising resources relevant to doctoral study, forging contacts between academia and industry and informing policy-makers on strategic development of doctoral education to support the metals and materials sectors.

The Academy is actively involved with four Centres for Doctoral Training in the UK involving nine universities. The Academy fosters positive working relationships on a number of levels, from PhD support at the Academy and in the Universities, through to collaborative projects with leading UK Universities and research centres. This has included interaction with over 80% of the Russell Group universities and others both in the UK and abroad, as well as with local Universities.

Students at the Doctoral Academy