Electric Steelmaking Research Centre

Electric Arc Furnace
World-leading scientists, metallurgists and engineers
Electric Arc Furnace
World-leading scientists, metallurgists and engineers
Electric Arc Furnace

The Electric Steelmaking Research Centre at The Materials Processing Institute carries out all aspects of modern electric steelmaking and metals processing research from fundamental theory to practical implementation on an industrial scale.

The Centre features state-of-the-art pilot steelmaking facilities for rapid steel product prototyping and upscaling of novel steel processes, this includes:

  • A range of induction melting furnaces capable of melting from 1g through to 250kg scale.
  • A 7t scale Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) that combines with secondary steelmaking capability including a ladle furnace and vacuum tank degasser combination and with continuous casting and ingot casting facilities.  

The Centre combines the expertise of world-leading scientists, metallurgists and engineers. It has been at the forefront of innovations and process developments in electric arc steelmaking for over 50 years and is renowned globally for this expertise. The Centre works with steel companies worldwide to support them in developing and implementing the latest developments in electric steelmaking technology.

The research carried out at the Centre includes process optimisation to enhance operating efficiencies and develop new operating practices, as well as product innovation to bring new technologies forward to advance electric steelmaking.

The research portfolio goes back many years and includes:

  • Value in Use of Raw Materials
  • Scrap Processing
  • Arc Furnace Control
  • Through Process Modelling
  • EAF Furnace and Continuous Caster Design
  • Ingot Solidification Modelling
  • Optimising EAF Performance
  • Advanced High Temperature Instrumentation

This research has been integral to electric steelmaking improvements and developments, including:

  • Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) efficiency and yield
  • Improving the environment
  • Waste minimisation
  • Innovative measurement and control systems
  • Processes for monitoring new procedures for new steel products

Many modern Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking procedures and control systems were prototyped and developed by research teams at The Centre or together with European partners: CRM, CSM, Swerea MEPHOS and BFI.

Researchers at the Materials Processing Institute have had many influential papers on Electric Arc Furnace technology published in peer reviewed journals and presented at conferences globally; Reference example: World Steel – formally the International Iron and Steel Institute book publication: EAF Technology – State of the Art & Future Trends, Jan. 2000, ISBN 2-930069-39-2.  

The Electric Steelmaking Research Centre continues to develop new processes and technologies to enhance electric steelmaking for the global steel community.