World Class Expertise

Materials Processing Institute - World Class Expertise

With some 70 years experience as a leading UK technology provider, the Materials Processing Institute has extensive materials processing knowledge across traditional, new and expanding industries. We specialise in problem solving, but also in considering the full process, from raw materials, through each stage of processing to the quality of the final product. Our team of engineers and scientists has expertise that ranges from the development and implementation of solutions to practical plant problems through to fundamental and theoretical knowledge and this is spread across a wide range of disciplines, which include engineering, modelling, sensors and monitoring and product technology.

Complementing this, the Institute also has extensive knowledge in the Minerals, Energy and Environmental and Recycling sectors which are fundamental to many of our customers’ industries.

Materials Processing Institute projects range from the one off bespoke test, through to providing technical support into our clients’ process or product development challenges, to the delivery of large scale collaborative projects and research programmes.