What Materials Processing Institute Offers

The Institute offers a comprehensive range of services to our clients and members


Provision of Process Support

Provision of Process Support

Using our experience with large items of process plant and equipment operating in hot and hostile environments, we provide forensic insight into complex process and plant problems.

Materials and Metals Industry Consultancy

Provided in support of both process and product developments across the full Materials and Metals industry supply chain. This includes the provision of a range of relevant pilot and demonstration facilities that enable our clients to evaluate and demonstrate new process or product developments and to test new materials and equipment.

General Pilot and Demonstration Facilities

Fully serviced space is available, both indoors and out for large and complex pilot process equipment that allows our clients to reduce the risks associated with product and process development away from the risks and pressures of production.

Iron and Steelmaking Process Technology

With roots in the Iron and Steel industry, the Institute offers process support and technology development to a number of the world’s steelmakers and equipment suppliers.

Supporting Science

Complimenting the services above, we have extensive capabilities in mathematical or physical modelling; thermodynamic modelling; mineral, metallurgical and analytical laboratories, and associated techniques and technologies.

Building for the Future

The Institute has created two additional facilities to support growth in the materials sector:

Materials Processing Institute services

The SME Technology Centre

Helps SMEs in the sector to grow by providing a tailored package of support. The support is offered throughout the supply chain, ensuring that suppliers and customers can benefit from access to enhanced capabilities. Assistance includes technical support (e.g. engineering expertise, scale-up, process improvement, technical mentoring), facilities support (e.g. equipment access, piloting, lab space, accommodation) and business support services and signposting (e.g. grants, networks, potential partnerships).