Bibliographical Services

Bibliographical Services

The Institute provides a range of bibliographical services to support industry, organisations and individuals.

With over 70 years of expertise in materials, metals and technology, bibliographical services available include:

  • A library of thousands of books dedicated to iron, steel, technology and business management¬†
  • An extensive portfiolio of industry journals and bulletins
  • Access to conference proceedings and papers
  • Databases of industry reports
  • Industry Standards including BS, EN

The Institute can borrow or purchase requested items not held in stock and can identify, source and retrieve literature from external sources and databases.

Research teams at the Institute can undertake bibliographical searches and document research, as well as providing relevant support to organisations or individuals wanting to carry out their own research.

The Institute’s research expertise is focussed on gathering relevant and key information to help industry and organisations:

  • Find answers to questions quickly
  • Make informed decisions
  • Use time efficiently
Industry Support Packages - View more details
  Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
Monthly Bulletins 6 Bulletins per month 4 Bulletins per month 3 Bulletins per month
Literature Searches 15 per year 10 per year 5 per year
IP Searches 6 per year 4 per year 2 per year
Industry Standards / Books 15 per year 10 per year 5 per year
Document Supply (articles) 40 per year 25 per year 10 per year
Patent Consultation 6 per year 4 per year 2 per year

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