Industry Support Packages

Industry Archive & Document Storage

The Spenceley Library & Archive supports industry by providing a comprehensive range of research services including the publication of monthly industry bulletins, targeted literature searches, intellectual property searches, access to industry standards and books, sourcing and supply of industry articles and patent consultations.

The table below highlights the Gold, Silver and Bronze support packages available.

For more information on these packages and rates, or to order articles, books or journals contact Library Services at

Industry Support Packages
  Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
Monthly Bulletins 6 Bulletins per month 4 Bulletins per month 3 Bulletins per month
Literature Searches 15 per year 10 per year 5 per year
IP Searches 6 per year 4 per year 2 per year
Industry Standards / Books 15 per year 10 per year 5 per year
Document Supply (articles) 40 per year 25 per year 10 per year
Patent Consultation 6 per year 4 per year 2 per year

Technical & Scientific Alerting Bulletins

The technical staff at the Institute keep up to date with current publications and have access to databases to support research requests.  Bulletins are issued monthly on a range of topics primarily of interest to the iron and steel industry. Bulletins include a round-up of the latest scientific and technical articles and cover the following subjects:

  • Ironmaking
  • Steelmaking
  • Products
  • Metallurgy
  • Rolling and Finishing
  • Science and Technology

Sample bulletins can be requested from Library Services at

Download 'Alerting Bulletins' document (PDF)

Literature Searches

The Institute has access to specialised databases as well as on site sources to provide technical information on iron and steelmaking. The searches are carried out by experts in the specific fields.

Delivery time – The Institute aims to provide the information within 5 working days. The Institute will always look to support urgent requests and may be able to provide a faster turnaround if required.

Costs – Gold, Silver and Bronze packages include technical searches, but on occasions databases may not have the information required.  If this is the case, the Institute can look at options to offer additional search services which may incur a “one off” cost.

Intellectual Property Searches

There are four main types of intellectual property; patents, trademarks, copyright and registered designs. The Institute can assist by carrying out worldwide patent searches.

Standards / Books

The Institute has access to worldwide industry standards and books for reference.

Document / Article Supply

The Spenceley Library and Archive has access to over 10,000 stock items, books, technical reports, conference proceedings, standards and journals.

If the Institute holds the item it can be loaned or a photocopy can be supplied (subject to copyright), if not it may be possible to source the item externally.

Industry Support Packages

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Industry Archive & Document Storage

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