The people who work at the Institute are its most important asset. They provide the inspiration and drive to lead the development of new and innovative technologies, materials and processes; as well as the business expertise to help commercialisation and support industry. As a world-leading organisation focussed on materials and process excellence, the Institute requires dedicated and determined people, who have the drive and ambition to positively develop their careers in a cutting-edge research organisation.

The Institute is a not-for-profit research and innovation centre working in the areas of advanced materials, industrial decarbonisation and the circular economy. It is proud of its 75-year track record of product, materials and process innovation.

Please take a look at the specific vacancies advertised, and equally, if you are interested in progressing your career with the Materials Processing Institute, please send your CV to:


Listed below are vacancies currently available at the Materials Processing Institute. Click on a vacancy title for details.

What the Institute looks for

Central to the activities of the Institute are its people and the motto of the Institute is ‘Integrity’. This is the core value of how colleagues at the Institute interact with one another, with clients and in the way they approach their work – with pride, commitment, drive and enthusiasm to perform at the highest level and with integrity.

The Materials Processing Institute was founded as the British Iron & Steel Research Association in 1944, as the central research organisation for the iron and steel industry in the UK and is immensely proud of its 75-year history. Many advanced processes which are now standard across industry were first developed at the Institute. This tradition continues with the development and commercialisation of ground-breaking new technologies in materials, processes and energy.

Divestment in 2014, led to the establishment of the Institute as independent, not-for-profit organisation creating exciting times for employees and new opportunities to enhance and improve the support offered to a much more diverse range of clients.

The Institute is interested in hearing from people that share the same values and who want to be part of the team helping to build an organisation to support and benefit the future of its employees, clients and the wider community.

What the Institute offers

The Institute offers an excellent package of benefits to its employees designed to support them and help them create a good working life and lifestyle balance. Benefits are determined by roles and responsibilities and can include:

  • Entry into company pension scheme
  • 35 days’ paid holiday (including bank holidays)
  • Equal share bonus scheme
  • Private medical insurance
  • Membership of the Institute on-site gym
  • Cycle scheme
  • Staff restaurant

Additionally, the Institute actively supports personal and career development through support with training and opportunities to study for additional qualifications.

Recruitment Process

The Institute places high importance on recruiting the right people to join its team. The typical recruitment process is outlined below; this will vary depending on the job being applied for.

This process is normally split into two stages following receipt of a CV for a specific advertised position:

  • Review of applications
  • Selection for interview

When applying for a specific role include relevant skills, experience and any achievements and make your CV specific and application letter specific to the role being applied for. If shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an interview. This is your opportunity to tell the Institute about yourself, your skills, achievements, interests and suitability for the position, as well as for the Institute to explain in more detail the specific job opportunity. The interview stage is designed to give both the Institute and the candidate the opportunity to assess whether the job is right for them and whether they are a good match for the Institute.

After the interview, the Institute will get back in touch as quickly as possible to let candidates know the outcome and the next steps in the process.

The Institute also welcomes applications from individuals who have skills, qualifications and qualities that can benefit the Institute and this does not have to be for a specific advertised job. All applications are reviewed to determine whether a suitable opportunity may be available. If this is the case you will be invited for further discussions.