Secondary Metal Refining


Ladle Arc Furnace Ladle Arc Furnace Ladle Arc Furnace

The Normanton Plant at the Institute has facilities for tonnage scale secondary refining of steels including the combination of ladle arc refining and vacuum tank degassing on a scale of up to 7 tonnes.


  • Ladle arc furnace with 1.5 MVA power supply
  • Porous plug ladle stirring
  • Vacuum tank degassing down to 1 mBar.

Applications and Capability

  • Trials for process and for product development
  • Ability to produce steels to high quality to almost any chemical composition
  • Ability to produce cast product capable of commercial processing (rolling or forging) for finished product examination and testing
  • Full simulation of typical steel refining route.

Key Features

  • Versatility and flexibility in operating regimes.

The facility can be used in combination with the Institute’s electric arc melting and ingot or continuous casting facilities, allowing processing of almost every type of cast product composition.

These facilities are supported by the full range of analytical and metallographic characterisation services and equipment available at the Institute.

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