Management Board

Day-to-day running of the Institute is delegated by Council to the Management Board chaired by the CEO. Membership of the Management Board includes the executive directors and management directors. The Management Board sets out the strategy of the Institute and manages the implementation of this strategy in line with the business plan.

Chris McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

“Provides expert opinion and consultancy support to companies, institutes, Governments and public bodies in innovation and technology strategy”

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Jonathan Neal

Jonathan Neal, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

“Overseas the financial management and commercial & economic strategic direction of the Institute.”

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Dr Richard Curry

Dr Richard Curry, Director, Operations

Director, Operations

“Application of smart technology to industrial processes and the identification of disruptive technologies.”

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Alan Scholes

Alan Scholes, Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

“Industrial R&D from the laboratory and pilot scale to implementation & commissioning”

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Dr Gerard Stephens

Dr Gerard Stephens, Director, Client Services

Director, Client Services

“Led the development of a world-class modelling facility including an experimental modelling laboratory.”

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