Prototyping, Demonstration and Scale-up Production

Prototyping, Demonstration and Scale-up Production

The Institute supports client to:

  • Develop and refine prototypes of technologies
  • Demonstrate the capabilities and the operation of the technologies
  • Scale up technologies prior to commercialisation or integration into existing operations

Commercialisation of products and processes often involves extensive research and development phases to ensure market entry readiness. It is essential that this testing can be carried out and demonstrated under realistic conditions and depending on the development phase, the right support infrastructure and equipment be available.

With facilities ranging from laboratory scale experiments through to the construction and operation of a full-scale demonstration pilot plant, the Institute offers clients the appropriate support at any stage of development from the fundamental idea or invention, through to commercial technology delivery.

The Institute supports the whole testing and development process and with the scalability of equipment and facilities this work can very often be carried out away from the clients’ facility, therefore enabling cost effective development work to progress with no disruption to on-site operations.

The Institutes research, engineering and business experts can support clients through the entire process including preparation, development, implementation and ongoing analysis. The Institute provides knowledge, experience and facilities to ensure that the development process has the flexibility to build in improvement opportunities prior to any commercialisation.