Millman Scholarships

Armourers & Brasiers’ Company

Application will open in September for the 2025 Scholarship.

The Millman Scholarships are an undergraduate scholarship programme, run by the Materials Processing Institute in collaboration with the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers. The programme is called the Millman Scholarships, in recognition of the outstanding career of Dr Stuart Millman, an internationally renowned industrial researcher.

This scholarship programme is designed to support undergraduate students and give them the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience of world leading industrial and materials researchers, and to help develop high calibre talent for the materials and related industries, composed of individuals that are academically excellent and industry ready.

A scholarship is awarded each year with priority given to candidates that:

  • Are planning to study, or are already studying materials, or a related discipline, at undergraduate level
  • Already have some industrial experience (e.g. a year in industry placement)
  • Are demonstrably excellent in their academic capabilities
  • Are judged to have the aptitude and practical application potential to make a significant contribution to industry
  • Are personally committed to applying their academic degree in industry in the UK
  • Are from the Tees Valley region

Benefits and Requirements of the Scholarship

The successful scholar will receive a range of practical and academic support throughout their degree course, this includes:

  • An annual bursary for the duration of their degree
  • A salaried summer industrial placement
  • Mentoring support from an appointed industrial supervisor
  • An invitation to attend the annual Postgraduate Research Symposium on Ferrous Metallurgy
  • Support in the provision of a masters level project, if applicable
  • On graduation, become part of the alumni network of the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers and of the Millman Scholarship Scheme