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Iron Ore Reducibility Furnace

Located at the Materials Processing Institute

The Materials Processing Institute is a not-for-profit research and innovation centre with a 75-year track record in developing new materials, processes, and technologies.

The Institute is a globally recognised centre for the innovation, development and commercialisation of technology for advanced materials, industrial decarbonisation and the circular economy. This is delivered by scientists, engineers and project teams with expertise in materials science and advanced processing, utilising state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, workshops, demonstration, scale-up and production facilities to develop technology, enhance materials and improve processes. The Institute is looking to enhance its facilities to support the UK’s transition to low carbon and hydrogen economy across many sectors and industries.

The Institute requires an Iron Ore Reducibility Furnace able to perform current standard ISO testing (please quote for available options) and low temperature reduction, and capable of testing reduction in an atmosphere of up to 100% Hydrogen.

The quote should include delivery, installation on site at the Institute, commissioning and calibration plus operator training.

We envisage that, subject to successful bids received, the orders and payment can take place in this financial year FY21-22, as long as Bank Guarantees can be provided by the bidders for the manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning being carried out in FY22-23. This is acceptable in the form of either ONE of these options:

  1. Single Order with Bank Guarantee to cover potential non-performance but without Liquidated Damages clauses


  1. Two orders, say Order 1 for Engineering and order/procurement of long lead items placed in Financial Year 21-22 with Order 2 to follow for manufacture, installation, and commissioning, or similar to match the appropriate design, manufacture stages for the equipment specifics in FY 22-23

Please make clear which option you intend to supply under, and that Bank Guarantees are not problematic.

Full details of Materials Processing Institute’s requirements are provided in tender documentation which will be issued to interested parties wishing to tender.

Should you wish to express an interest in tendering and receive a copy of the tender documentation then please email bob.james@mpiuk.com.

Estimated timescales:

Expression of Interest Deadline: 27/01/2022

Tender Submission Deadline: 04/02/2022 - 13:00 hours

Contract Awarded: 08/02/2022