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In-depth courses based on the major technologies currently in global operation.

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The metallurgy course provides an excellent understanding of the science and technology of metals, primarily for carbon and alloy steels. Alongside the classroom lectures are extensive practical sessions, held in a well-equipped metallographic laboratory.

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The cokemaking course provides an in-depth overview of the cokemaking process. The course is based around practical, operational and theoretical modules involving laboratory experiments, lectures, discussion based learning and a visit to see coke ovens in operation.

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The ironmaking course provides a practical, operational and theoretical insight into the ironmaking process. This includes classroom lectures & discussion groups, practical laboratory experiments, mathematical modelling of a steel plant design and a visit to an integrated steel works.

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The steelmaking course provides a practical, operational and theoretical understanding of primary and secondary steelmaking. It includes classroom lectures, discussion groups, laboratory experiments, through-process / through-cost assessments and a visit to a steel works.

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Continuous Casting

The casting course provides an understanding of all aspects of the continuous casting process, particularly the requirements to cast defect-free products. Classroom lectures & discussion groups are intermixed with laboratory experiments and a visit to a steel works.

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Steelmaking and Continuous Casting

The steelmaking and continuous casting course provides a comprehensive overview of primary steelmaking, secondary steelmaking and continuous casting. The course uses classroom and practical based learning, including laboratory work and a visit to a steel plant to observe steelmaking and continuous casting operations for slab production.

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The reheating course considers the reheating process in cast products and includes practical, operational and theoretical learning, based around lectures & discussion groups, laboratory experiments and a visit to a rolling mill.

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Hot Rolling and Finishing of Steel

The Hot Rolling and Finishing of Steel course provides a comprehensive understanding of how continually cast steel is transformed into usable products for the many varied applications of steel.

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Technology Management

Technology Management

The technology management course investigates the commercial legislative, environmental and societal factors driving technology development. The course considers the opportunities and challenges for industry, how the need for and value of new technology is assessed, and how the process is managed with the aim of achieving maximum benefit.

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Steel Industry Workshops

The Institute also runs workshops and other courses based on specialist requirements including:

  • Refractories
  • Clean steel
  • Casting defects / Surface quality
  • Electric arc furnaces (EAF)
  • Mould powders
  • Hydrogen
  • Basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS) process control
  • Stainless steelmaking

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Bespoke Training Courses

Bespoke industry training courses are also available and are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of clients. These bespoke training courses are run to schedules to suit client requirements and can carried out in-house, at venues local to clients, or at the Materials Processing Institute. Bespoke training is available worldwide.

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Steel courses have been developed by the Materials Processing Institute over the last 75 years.

During this time, scientists, researchers and engineers have been at the heart of major technological changes within the steel industry. The Institute’s ongoing research programmes have been instrumental in shaping the industry towards the state-of-the-art processes and equipment currently being used.

The Institute has expertise in the area of heavy end processing; from raw materials, cokemaking, sintering and scrap, through to oxygen and electric steelmaking, casting, rolling, reheating and finishing.

The Institute prides itself in being able to present both the academic and practical aspects of industrial processes at a higher level for management and an operational level for processors and operators.

Company workshops are also available with experts steering discussions and offering knowledge and ideas to accelerate process development.

The courses and workshops offered by the Institute are focussed, in-depth and based on the major technologies currently in global operation.