Laser Powder Bed Fusion Machine


GE Additive Concept Laser Mlab 200R Hall flowmeter Granutools Automated GranuDrum

The Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) system uses a Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) additive manufacturing process, whereby lasers are used to melt ultra-thin layers of metal powder, to build a three-dimensional object.

The LPBF is supported by the following equipment to evaluate and optimise the powder feedstock:

  • Automated image analysis system - Identifies morphological and size parameters.
  • Automated packing density analyser - Measures bulk and tap density of particulate material.
  • Automated avalanche tester - Measures flowing angle, cohesion, and roughness of powders to evaluate their flowability.
  • Surface profilometry - analyses surface roughness, texture and morphology of powder bed to validate spreadability and flowability of particulate material
  • Powder storage capacity - provides a proper and precise environmental/atmosphere control.

Predicting Powder Performance

A new characterisation methodology correlating powder physical parameters was developed to represent and predict the powder flowability performance prior to the laser powder bed fusion process.

Key Features

  • Use of a laser to selectively melt thin layers of tiny particles produces objects exhibiting fine, dense and homogeneous characteristics.
  • Objects are produced using the unique stochastic control of the slice segments makes which are processed successively. This patented process ensures a significant reduction in stress when manufacturing very large components.
  • Complex components which cannot be produced by conventional means can be produced without using any tools.
  • No limits on the fabrication of components with hollow or grid structures on the inside.
  • Full characterisation of the powder feedstock to propose more flexibility in materials design, optimisation, and reusability.
  • Evaluating powder life cycle, reusability, and recyclability for LPBF process using historical powder data.


  • GE Additive Concept Laser Mlab200R
  • Hall Flowmeter
  • Granutools Automated GranuDrum
  • Granutool Automated GranuPack
  • Portable Surface Profilometer

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