Ore Reduction Rig


Ore Reduction Rig Ore Reduction Rig

The Ore Reduction Rig allows reduction of iron ore, pellets and sinters to meet ISO standards 4695:2015, 4696-1:2015, 4696-2:2015, 4698:2007, 7215:2015 and 7992:2015.

The Ore Reduction Rig also has a hydrogen reduction programme which can be used to reduce ore samples in a pure hydrogen atmosphere.

Applications and Capability

  • Testing of iron ores to ISO standards
  • Reduction of ores using pure hydrogen
  • Approximately 500 grammes of material can be tested per run of the rig.

Key Features

  • Semi-automated testing to ISO standards
  • Reduction of minerals using both hydrogen and carbon monoxide
  • Simulation of conditions in blast furnace and direct reduction systems

ISO Standard Tests

  • ISO 4695:2015
  • ISO 4696-1:2015
  • ISO 4696-2:2015
  • ISO 4698:2007
  • ISO 7215:2015
  • ISO 7992:2015
  • Other standard and non-standard testing

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