Rotary Microwave Furnace


Rotary Microwave Furnace Rotary Microwave Furnace

The Rotary Microwave Furnace is used for the reduction of iron and other ores.

It may also be used as a rotary kiln with microwave enhanced heating for the treatment of aggregates, raw materials or other substances.


The Rotary Microwave Furnace is approximately 6 metres long and 300mm diameter. This furnace can be heated up to 800°C using a combination of both external element heating and microwave power.

The furnace has gas tight seals to allow a controlled atmosphere to be used inside the furnace.

Applications and Capability

  • Treatment of aggregates, raw materials or other substances
  • Reduction of minerals in controlled atmospheres
  • 800°C from external element heating
  • Up to 12kW of microwave energy
  • Controlled atmosphere
  • Up to 60kg of raw materials

Key Features

  • Unique combination of conventional heating, microwave energy and controlled atmosphere
  • Flexibility to be adapted for different feedstocks, temperatures and gas mixtures

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