Green Steel Centre

Steelmaking is one of the most carbon intensive industries in the world, responsible for 7% of global CO₂ emissions. But its future is Green.

Green Steel Centre

Steel is also the worlds’ largest recycling industry, but worldwide demand for steel is still growing, faster than the increases in recyclable scrap. With most of this demand therefore met by the traditional route of virgin iron production powered by fossil fuels, billions of tonnes of CO₂ are added to the atmosphere year on year.

Rapid decarbonisation of steelmaking is essential in the race to stabilise atmospheric CO₂, and the global market for certifiably sustainable ‘Green Steel’ products and the technologies and know-how to deliver them is getting stronger every year.


The Green Steel Centre works with the steel industry and supply chain, to develop and perfect technologies, materials, processes, and knowledge to decarbonise steel production and accelerate the emergence of a sustainable, profitable Green Steel economy.

We support and enable industrial development and innovation to achieve these aims, and to realise the 90-100% reductions in Scope 1/2/3 CO₂ emissions which are possible compared to today’s average. This includes: transitioning to electric melting and smelting, hydrogen DRI, sustainable carbons and fluxes.

As steelmaking transitions to more electric melting there is also the immediate challenge of maximising the effectiveness and the breadth of steel grades coming to market from today’s greenest mainstream production route - Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking, and of using the latest advances in technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise scrap recycling and the re-use of by-products.

With all these measures come technical, economic and knowledge challenges which the Green Steel Centre has been created to solve with you.

We offer unique and integrated capabilities including a pilot EAF plant and world-class research and training facilities to support the delivery of de-risked, low carbon footprint, optimised EAF steelmaking which will maximise financial returns and minimise environmental emissions.


The Green Steel Centre provides:

  • Pre-Project Appraisal
  • Project Development
  • Post Project Implementation and Support
  • Supply Chain Innovation Partnerships
  • World Class Research Assets, Scientists, and Engineers
Pre-Project Appraisal

Pre-Project Appraisal

Steelmakers assessing process efficiency and decarbonisation improvements, through investment or through changes in production practices, can benefit from the Institute’s independent technoeconomic and practical expertise for increased confidence in their next steps:

  • Feasibility studies to optimise CAPEX and operational performance.
  • Assessment of routes to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Commercial, operational, technical assessment, and qualification of the supply chain, including trial 7 tonne EAF melts:
    • Scrap metal
    • HBI
    • Hydrogen reduced iron pellets
    • Biochar
    • Recycled fluxes
  • Identify and win public funding to assist and accelerate improvements.
Project Development

Project Development

  • Utilising a demonstrator 7 tonne EAF steel production plant, slab and ingot casting, rolling mill, and laboratory assets to develop, optimise and de-risk EAF operational performance before scaling up to commercial plants.
  • Supported by a comprehensive range of analytical assets to provide critical data assessments with integrated AI capabilities.
  • Optimisation of EAF performance, covering materials, chemistry, value in use, life cycle assessment, digitisation, operations, and maintenance.
  • Optimisation of operational process flow including ladle fleet tracking and management.
  • Providing support to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors with EAF production facilities design and specification, and in finalising technology specifications and assessing technology options and technology providers to support decarbonisation of steel production.
  • Providing decarbonisation solutions and monetisation of slag into valuable carbon neutral steel composite materials.
  • Bespoke operational and steelmaking metallurgy training programmes during the pre-project, project delivery and post project operations phases.
Post Project Implementation and Support

Post Project Implementation and Support

Ongoing support for steelmaking and casting quality, data model refining, feedstock assays, steel grade development, staff training, and carbon reporting.

  • Plant start-up, troubleshooting and ongoing operational optimisation including melting design.
  • Specialist analysis of operational performance to assure ‘cleanness’ of production.
Supply Chain Innovation Partnerships

Supply Chain Innovation Partnerships

Support for the research, development and commercialisation of innovative materials and processes to decarbonise steelmaking, with confidential research partnerships.

  • From fundamental laboratory studies to pilot plant trials, we work with partners at every step to understand, demonstrate and analyse innovative processes and materials.
  • Generate and use reliable data to develop life cycle assessments (LCA), value in use models, and predictive experimental designs.
  • Build the business case for internal, private or public funding to take products to the next step of commercialisation.
World Class Assets, Scientists and Engineers

World Class Assets, Scientists and Engineers

We combine differentiated capabilities including laboratory and plot scale production, testing, analysis, process, and materials development with industry leading analytical assets and steel industry expertise to deliver significant value across the EAF value chain.

We have a diverse team of scientists and engineers with commercial scale EAF operational and technical expertise, capable of managing and optimising EAF performance and its auxiliary equipment, including refractory performance, ladle fleet management and operational safety.

Sector leading capability in steel grade development and the detailed characterisation of melts through the analysis of microstructures and the optimisation of chemistry and system thermodynamics using cutting edge modelling capabilities and state of the art smart digital and electron microscopy.

Our technical expertise enables the optimisation of the EAF and its auxiliary equipment to minimise energy consumption, CO₂ emissions along with full life cycle analysis, and experience in developing solutions for rapid smart scrap characterisation, decarbonised heating, fuel conversion, routes to low carbon fuels and feedstocks including biochar and hydrogen reduced iron, and the monetisation of waste materials.


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