Metal Recycling - Scrap Ferrous Metal Assay Melting, Yield and Analysis Certification

Raw materials charged

Raw materials charged

Melted products

Melted products

Metallic analysis

Metallic analysis

XRF analysis

XRF analysis

Key Benefits

  • Generates optimal financial return through accredited yield and analysis certification
  • Removes potential for quality disputes
  • Provides detailed data on composition of assay, slags and fume dust


The Institute can melt between 6 and 7 tonnes of ferrous recycled materials into a homogenous liquid pool. From this the metals and slag analysis can be undertaken. Sample analysis at this larger scale ensures greater accuracy of results.

Samples of the recycled metals are taken from the liquid pool and their elemental composition is analysed in the Advanced Materials Characterisation Centre using state- of-the-art Spark Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) equipment.

The slags are determined using X-ray Fluorescence analysis (XRF), a technique used for elemental analysis and characterisation of materials.

As part of the PRISM programme the Institute has invested in state-of-the-art OES and XRF equipment capable of analysing families of metals and other materials.

Both techniques have had their ranges extended for key tramp elements to provide an accurate analysis of those elements contained in the metal or slag.


Results on metallic yield, metal slag and fumes are provided. These results are material dependent as the objective is to verify the quality, consistency, and yield of the supplied recycled metal.

This process provides the required data to determine the recycle and resale options for these metals or verifying the purchased material. All materials are returned to the client when the analysis is finished.

The PRISM programme of Research and Innovation has enabled equipment investment by the Materials Processing Institute to support collaborations with metal recycling companies and steel producers to provide this essential product analysis.

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