The Council is the supreme governing body of the Institute, responsible for strategy and appointing the non executive chairman and executive directors. The main responsibilities of the Council are to:

  • Ensure that the Institute is managed according to sound financial principles and in line with the objectives of the Institute and the business plan
  • Review and approve the Institute business plan
  • Help develop proposals on Institute strategy
  • Provide vision, experience, advice and leadership
  • Promote the highest standards of corporate governance
  • Set the Institute’s values and uphold the highest standards of ethics and probity
  • Represent and act as an ambassador of the Institute

The Council is made of the following nominated representatives:

Bob Ruddlestone

Bob Ruddlestone, Non Executive Chairman, Materials Processing Institute

Non Executive Chairman
Materials Processing Institute

Alastair Aitken

Alastair Aitken, Client Representative, Tata Steel

Client Representative
Tata Steel

Jon Bolton

Jon Bolton, Client Representative, Liberty UK Steel Division

Client Representative
Liberty UK Steel Division

Dr Martin Brunnock

Dr Martin Brunnock, Client Representative, Tata Steel

Client Representative
Tata Steel

Chris Vaughan

Chris Vaughan, Client Representative, British Steel

Client Representative
British Steel

Prof. Simon Hodgson

Simon Hodgson, Institution Representative, Teesside University

Institution Representative
Teesside University

Paul Kitson

Paul Kitson, Employee Representative, Materials Processing Institute

Employee Representative
Materials Processing Institute

Chris McDonald

Chris McDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Materials Processing Institute

Chief Executive Officer
Materials Processing Institute

Jonathan Neal

Jonathan Neal, Chief Financial Officer, Materials processing Institute

Chief Financial Officer
Materials processing Institute

Carol Patton

Carol Patton, Director of Business Services, Materials Processing Institute

Director, Business Services
Materials Processing Institute

Dr Bernie Rickinson

Dr Bernie Rickinson, Institution Representative, Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

Institution Representative
Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

John Leer

John Leer, Observer, Tees Valley Combined Authority

Tees Valley Combined Authority