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Training courses recognised with IOM3 Professional Development approval

The quality and learning values of three steel industry training courses run by the Materials Processing Institute have recently been recognised by IOM3 with their Professional Development approval being renewed. The three courses are:


Steelmaking & Continuous Casting


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the updating of knowledge and skills, and development of the personal qualities necessary to successfully fulfil the professional, managerial and technical responsibilities throughout a practitioner's career. These courses support this by enabling participants to acquire, maintain and broaden their knowledge and skills in these specific areas, and to then apply and use this understanding in their working environments.

The Metallurgy course provides an excellent understanding of both the science and technology of metals, primarily for carbon and alloy steels. Alongside the classroom lectures are practical sessions, held in the Institute’s well-equipped metallographic laboratory.

The Steelmaking & Continuous Casting course provides a comprehensive understanding of primary steelmaking, secondary steelmaking and continuous casting. The presentations combine both practical and theoretical aspects of steelmaking and casting, including laboratory activities and a tour of the Materials Processing Institute Plant.

The Ironmaking course provides an in-depth overview of the blast furnace process and raw materials considerations. The presentations are a combination of theoretical, practical and operational aspects. A key part of the course includes group work using a process options model to investigate the effects of process and material changes on cost.

Details of all courses run by the Materials Processing Institute can be found at

4 September 2019