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Symposium Programme Confirmed

Symposium Programme Confirmed

The full speaker programme and poster display has now been confirmed for the 5th Postgraduate Research Symposium on Ferrous Metallurgy.

The symposium showcases the best of UK metallurgical research, provides inspiration to academics and students to engage in the research challenges of the steel industry and enables industry professionals and academics to form strong and lasting networks. Now in it's 5th year the symposium is centred around a core programme of postgraduate research presentations, with a poster exhibition, keynote speech and industrial exhibition.

For the first time this year, the symposium includes the awarding of medals and prizes from the Iron & Steel Group of IOM3. This includes the prestigious annual Bessemer Lecture to be given by John Ferriola, former Chairman, CEO and President of Nucor, USA.

Date: Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Time: 09:30 - 18:30 GMT

Venue: Armourers' Hall, London



1. Characterisation of the effects of oxide dispersion strengthening on the tensile deformation and elastic properties of Eurofer97 - Presenter: Tay Sparks (University of Birmingham)

2. Effect of niobium microstructural and mechanical properties of the heat affected zones of welded marine steel - Presenter: Jun Fu (University of Leicester)

3. A closer look at the TWIP and TRIP mechanism in medium Mn steels - Presenter: Thomas Kwok (Imperial College London)

4. Ladle stirring for inclusion floatation - Presenter: William Moncaster (University of Warwick)

5. In-situ heat treatment to improve the metallurgy of hot work tool steel alloy H13 fabricated by laser additive manufacturing - Presenter: Anna Tholen (Loughborough University)

6. The impact of process parameters on blast furnace dust output - Presenter: John Lewis (Swansea University)

7. Prediction of mechanical properties of low-carbon hot rolled plate based on machine learning method - Presenter: Xiaoan Yang (University of Leicester)

8. Development of improved formability interstitial free steels - Presenter: Talal Said Abdullah (Swansea University)

9. Rapid characterisation of thermally aged stainless steels for nuclear power applications - Presenter: Oscar Smith (Loughborough University)

10. Design of in-situ cathodic charging of TMCP steel under flexural loading - Presenter: Sarah Hiew Sze Kei (Imperial College London)


1. Minimising particulate emissions of sinter plant operations - Matthew Thomas (Swansea University)

2. Cohesive zone models of fracture in line-pipe steel - Pernille Undram Fathi (Kings College London)

3. Multi-scale in situ studies of deformation mechanism of LPBF 316L stainless steels - Wanxuan Teng (University of Birmingham)

4. Investigating formability of future steel grades using rapid alloy prototyping - Liam Moody (Swansea University)

5. Effects of precious metal doping on stainless steels produced by spark plasma sintering - Natasha Sweeney Fort (The University of Sheffield)

6. Hydrogen diffusion in pipeline steel API 5L X65 - Helena M. Ferreira (Swansea University)

7. Intercritical annealing optimisation in a segregation neutralised dual-phase steel, benchmarked against a commercial DP800 - Pedram Dastur (University of Warwick)

8. The effect of coating weight on the microstructure and performance of Zn-Al-Mg (ZAM) alloy coatings - Amar Dhoj Malla (Swansea University)

9. Avoidance of hydrogen assisted cold cracking in multi-pass weld metal - Shaun Smart (TWI Ltd)

10. Size control in pelletisation - William Kennedy Walls (Swansea University)

27 January 2022