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Funding available to support steel and metals research and innovation

Funding available to support steel and metals research and innovation

The steel industry and wider metals sector can access funding and benefit from expertise through the PRISM research and innovation programme, supported by Innovate UK and managed by the Materials Processing Institute.

A strong, resilient, low-carbon steel sector is critical to the industrial depth of the UK economy and can only be achieved with investment in green steelmaking technologies, an area of expertise at the Materials Processing Institute that industry is benefitting from.

At our Green Steel Centre we work with the steel industry and its supply chain, to develop and perfect technologies, materials, processes, and knowledge to decarbonise steel production and accelerate the emergence of a sustainable, profitable Green Steel economy.

We support and enable industrial development and innovation to achieve these aims, and to realise significant reductions in CO₂ emissions. This includes: transitioning to electric melting and smelting, hydrogen DRI, sustainable carbons and fluxes and, addressing new and legacy waste streams.

As steelmaking transitions to more electric melting there is also the immediate challenge of maximising the effectiveness and the breadth of steel grades coming to market from today’s greenest mainstream production route - Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking, and integration of the latest advances in technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve process efficiencies and to also optimise scrap recycling and the re-use of by-products. The expertise at the Institute combined with access to research and innovation funding enables us to support industry to tackle the technical, economic, knowledge and capability challenges of transforming UK steel production.

The PRISM programme can help the steel and metals sector to decarbonise, this includes supporting the UK steel industry as it moves to more environmentally friendly steel production via Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking. A process that results in significant reductions in carbon emissions, while enabling integration of digital processes to create efficiencies in production and supports the circular economy through reuse of existing scrap steel.

The PRISM programme provides a route for steel and metals companies to secure funding to carry out or commission bespoke research and innovation. The programme is live now and helping companies to decarbonise, to integrate digital technologies into production and other processes, and to support the adoption of cleaner and greener processes through reuse of existing materials.

Funding is available now - If you are a steel or metals company looking to develop or implement innovative solutions to support your decarbonisation, digital technologies, or circularity objectives you should first contact us to find out about saving money with PRISM funding.

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17 June 2024