Decarbonising the Production of Large Scale Forgings and Castings

A project to address the decarbonisation of energy intensive manufacturing processes at Sheffield Forgemasters.

H2DRI Project

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The project has received funding from Innovate UK under Project Reference: No. 97148

Project Summary

The principal objective of the project is to address the decarbonisation of energy intensive manufacturing processes at Sheffield Forgemasters, in order to align the company to the national ambition of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Primary manufacturing routes, focusing on key processes such as steelmaking and heat treatment, will be investigated to identify opportunities for decarbonisation. The company's reliance on natural gas means opportunities for fuel switching to carbon free equivalents, e.g., Hydrogen, will be explored. In addition, opportunities to remove oxyacetylene and propane fuels used in cutting operations will also be considered.

The proposed decarbonisation solutions will also examine the potential impact of process changes on products from a quality and engineering performance viewpoint. The results of the study will be used to inform decisions on future capital investment and form the basis for future technology deployment and development projects. The study will identify the possible modifications required to be made to company's infrastructure to enable fuel switching, building a case for the industrial use of carbon-free alternative fuels which can potentially be deployed to other industrial markets and sectors.

The project represents the starting point for a comprehensive decarbonisation strategy at Sheffield Forgemasters. The project will be delivered in partnership with the Material Processing Institute who has extensive experience in high temperature, energy intensive industries. The Materials Processing Institute, like Sheffield Forgemasters, have a strong track record of participating in and leading multi-partner technology projects. The Institute has experience in furnace performance and plant audit in collaborations working to decarbonise foundation industries.

Dates - June 2021 – August 2022

Funder - Innovate UK

Funding - £84,636

Project Value - £146,184