Nano-Reinforced Coatings with Improved Thermomechanical Properties Project

Improving product functionality through development of new reinforced coating materials - Steel sector application.

Nano-Reinforced Coatings with Improved Thermomechanical Properties Project

UK Research and Innovation

This project has received funding from Innovate UK under Project Reference: 104768

Project Summary

Engineering components usually fail when the surface cannot adequately withstand the external forces or environment to which it is subjected. The choice of a surface material, with the appropriate thermal properties and sufficient resistance to wear, corrosion and degradation, is crucial to its functionality. The interaction between solidifying metal the mould during continuous casting has a critical influence on this.

The project aims to improve the functionality of an existing product and to develop a new class of reinforced mould coating materials with the aid of nanotechnology.

The project will support continuous cast products in the steel industry where the use of moulds is a significant issue in terms of productivity and cost, high rate of wear and high temperature oxidation of the moulds. The project will investigate how to provide a coating solution that can offer superior billet properties at high casting speeds, for a longer time and with consistent product quality throughout the steel production campaign.

This will benefit UK steel plants through reduced steel production costs and improved steel quality. The project will also benefit the steel supply chain through increased productivity and will add value to downstream industries such as construction, mechanical equipment, automotive, metal products, shipbuilding and trains through steel product quality improvements and lower costs. Broader industry benefits are anticipated from the advancement of nanotechnology and improved coatings for use in aggressive environments.

Dates - February 2019 - April 2022

Funder - Innovate UK

Funded Value - £564,989

Project Value - £856,315


Monitor Coatings Ltd (United Kingdom) - Lead Partner

Materials Processing Institute (United Kingdom)

Sensor Coating Systems Ltd (United Kingdom)

Danieli UK Holding Ltd (United Kingdom)

University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Cranfield University (United Kingdom)