SAMRCD Project

Digital tools to support Scalable Additive Manufacturing Rule Creation & Dissemination (SAMRCD).

SAMRCD Project

UK Research and Innovation

The SAMRCD project has received funding from Innovate UK under No. 10002048

Project Summary

Metals production, from mining ore through manufacturing parts, accounts for 7% of global energy use. While metal additive manufacturing (AM) has been promoted as a way to help us reduce the carbon footprint, this has not been well demonstrated with clear and complete information.

This Scalable AM Rule Creation and Dissemination (SAMRCD) project aims to develop and validate scalable digital tools to identify, create and enforce rules through literature, standards, experiments, and deep learning that reduce direct and indirect energy consumption and increase material efficiency and production of repeatable products in ceramic & metal additive manufacturing ("AM"). The project has been awarded a grant by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).

To achieve this, project partners will integrate direct data capture from across the materials and production value chain, including testing the tools in metal and ceramic AM studies and validating the results. The Institute’s role in this project involves the mechanical testing and failure analysis of specimens built by additive manufacturing to verify the digital tools created during the project.

The development of the tools proposed within the SAMCRD project will make a profound impact in energy reduction and accelerate additive manufacturing as a viable sustainable production process.

Dates - November 2021 – October 2023

Sponsor - Innovate UK

Funding - £1,416,503

Project Cost - £1,852,919