Delivering Economic Material Innovation for Sustainable and Efficient use of Resources.


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This project has received funding from UKRI to support the scale-up of sustainable technologies for the foundation industries.

Project Summary

The EconoMISER programme will support the scale-up of sustainable technologies for the foundation industries.

The Materials Processing Institute is a member of the Foundation Industries Sustainability Consortium (FISC) which is running the UKRI supported and funded EconoMISER Programme.

FISC is a partnership between leading research and technology centres working in the foundation industry sectors. These centres are collaborating and combining their expertise and R&D capability to solve industry innovation challenges to achieve sustainability and net zero objectives.

The Challenge for Foundation Industries

The foundation industries are made up of the metals, ceramics, glass, chemicals, paper and cement sectors, who combined produce 28m tonnes of material per year, and are worth £50bn annually to the UK economy.

Foundation industries produce 75% of all the material on the planet, but they are also the UK’s biggest industrial polluters and responsible for approximately 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year, or 10% of the total CO2 emitted by UK homes and businesses.

If the UK is to meet its Net-Zero ambitions, the foundation industries need to urgently transform how materials are sourced and processed.

EconoMISER Programme

The EconoMISER programme is aimed at the scaling-up of the sustainable technologies required by the foundation industries. The programme will develop a network of scale-up centres to support industry and academic engagement in innovation.

These centres will enable foundation industry companies to have access to facilities and expertise to test out new potential production processes to help decarbonise their manufacturing processes; therefore, enabling companies to integrate sustainable new technologies into their own manufacturing.

EconoMISER Objectives

The objectives of the EconoMISER network of facilities are to:

  • Establish a network of scale-up centres to support the foundation industries
  • Upgrade scale-up facilities to enable a more sustainable Foundation Industry
  • Develop a business case for a sustainable network beyond 2024
  • Increase industry engagement in scale up and innovation in the UK
  • Deliver cross centre working between the facilities to address innovation challenges around sustainability
  • Deliver a plan to transform a workforce fit to deliver net zero for the foundation industries

EconoMISER Themes

EconoMISER is the first project to be delivered by FISC. The EconoMISER project will drive the delivery of the following themes that are critical to the creation of a zero-carbon resource efficient sustainable foundation industry in the UK:

  • Alternative Fuels
  • Circular Economy, feedstock, recycling and reuse
  • Digital control and sensors
  • Process optimisation
  • Sustainable materials development

Dates - October 2022 – March 2024

Sponsor - Innovate UK

Funding - £19.5m

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