7th Postgraduate Research Symposium on Ferrous Metallurgy 2024

Tuesday 27th February 2024

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2024 Video Review

7th Postgraduate Research Symposium 2024 Review

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Symposium 2024 - Full Programme

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Keynote Speaker

Pam Murrell

Dr Pam Murrell, FICME, Chief Executive, Cast Metals Federation
Presentation Title: Challenges and opportunities for the UK castings industry - Can castings be part of the solution for the transition to net zero?

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2024 Presentations

Presentation Winner

2024 Presentation Winner - Enn Veikesaar, University of Manchester

Enn Veikesaar, University of Manchester
Characterising reheated microstructures of microalloyed multipass C-Mn steel welds

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Presentation Runner Up

2024 Presentation Runner Up - Ajitesh Sharma, University of Warwick

Ajitesh Sharma, University of Warwick
The influence of composition on the cast microstructure for different casting technologiess

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2024 Presentations and Abstracts

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10:40 - 11:40 Session 1 - Theme - Process Development

Presentation 1 - Optimisation of next generation galvanising pot hardware
Presenter: Giovanni Alparone (Swansea University) - Abstract Presentation

Presentation 2 - The influence of composition on the cast microstructure for different casting technologies
Presenter: Ajitesh Sharma (University of Warwick) - Abstract Presentation

Presentation 3 - Development of formable steel grades through alternative steelmaking technologies
Presenter: Hannah Clarke (Swansea University) - Abstract Presentation

12:00 - 13:00 Session 2 - Theme - New Approaches for Future Manufacture

Presentation 4 - Rationalisation of steel grades and specifications
Presenter: Sadegh Jalalian (Brunel University) - Abstract Presentation

Presentation 5 - Challenges in wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) of Fe-Co-V alloy using metal powder-cored wire
Presenter: Soumyajit Koley (Cranfield University) - Abstract Presentation

Presentation 6 - Augmenting the thermodynamic oxidation data of dual phase steels using synthetic data
Presenter: Nicola Beech (University of Warwick) - Abstract Presentation

14:00 - 15:20 Session 3 - Theme - Characterisation and Properties

Presentation 7 - Hydrogen embrittlement of L-PBF manufactured 316L Stainless Steel
Presenter: Yixiang Jin (Southampton University - Abstract Presentation

Presentation 8 - Improving the fatigue life of cast iron wind turbine components through compositional and microstructural adjustments
Presenter: Obey Suleyman (Strathclyde University) - Abstract Presentation

Presentation 9 - In situ synchrotron radiography investigation of graphite nodule evolution during solidification in ductile cast iron
Presenter: Xiangmei Ding (University of Leicester) - Abstract Presentation

Presentation 10 - Characterising reheated microstructures of microalloyed multipass C-Mn steel welds
Presenter: Enn Veikesaar (University of Manchester) - Abstract Presentation

2024 Posters

Poster Winner

2024 Poster Winner - Amir Cheshmehzang, University of Warwick

Amir Cheshmehzang, University of Warwick
Development of a digital twin framework for the steel bending process

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2024 Posters and Abstracts

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  1. Characterisation of irradiation damage in nuclear fusion materials
    Lucy Fitzgerald (University of Birmingham) - Abstract Poster
  2. Effect of 304L stainless steel cladded thickness with Q345R steel on mechanical properties and microstructure
    Ali Fahem (University of Leicester) - Abstract Poster
  3. Steps towards sustainability & decarbonisation: The impact of high recycled content on high formability products
    Freya Hamblin (Swansea University) - Abstract Poster
  4. Exploration of using ferrous alloys as radiation damage resistant materials for fusion
    Sophie Barwick (University of Sheffield) - Abstract Poster
  5. Assessment and development of antimicrobial coated steels for indoor use
    Rupika Gulati (University of Warwick) - Abstract Poster
  6. Ensemble learning for BOF steelmaking temperature prediction: Compare with neuron network
    Jianbo Zhang (University of Leicester) - Abstract Poster
  7. An investigation of the high strength structural steel mechanical properties
    Monisha Manjunatha (University of Strathclyde) - Abstract Poster
  8. Weathering around the world: Discovering new market opportunities for sustainable organic coatings
    Courteney Peart (Swansea University) - Abstract Poster
  9. Assessing the environmental impact of recovery, retention and scrap sorting strategies in steelmaking
    William Robertson (University of Sheffield) - Abstract Poster
  10. Development of a digital twin framework for the steel bending process
    Amir Chesmehzangi (University of Warwick) - Abstract Poster
  11. Experimental investigation of the effects of cryogenic treatments on the corrosion and tribocorrosion resistance of structural steels
    James Kelly (University of Leicester) - Abstract Poster
  12. Capture and reduction of carbon emissions to maximise circularity in the steelmaking process
    Azita Etminan (Swansea University) - Abstract Poster
  13. Characterisation of a quenched, quenched & tempered AISI M2 HSS subjected to deep cryogenic treatment
    Christian Chiadikobi (University of Leicester) - Abstract Poster

Millman Scholarship

The Millman Scholarship is an undergraduate scholarship programme run by the Materials Processing Institute in collaboration with the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers. This scholarship is awarded annually and supports an undergraduate student during their university studies financially, along with mentoring and work experience opportunities.

Awarded to: Aimee Hughes

2024 Millman Scholar - Aimee Hughes

Aimee is currently studying Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

Millman Scholarships

Ashok Kumar Fellowship

The Ashok Kumar Fellowship Scheme is run by the Materials Processing Institute, the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) and the Institution of Chemical Engineers. It is a three-month Fellowship for engineers who have completed a degree at undergraduate Masters level or above, in a discipline related to chemical or process engineering, or have equivalent industry experience. There is one funded Fellowship available with the position based in the UK Parliament, supporting its use of research evidence and assisting POST in providing briefing material for parliamentarians on emerging science topics.

Awarded to: Dylan Sherman

2024 Ashok Kumar Fellow - Dylan Sherman

Dylan is currently in his final year of a DPhil in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.

Ashok Kumar Fellowship

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Symposium 2025

8th Postgraduate Research Symposium on Ferrous Metallurgy 2025

Date: Tuesday 25th February 2025

Time: 9:30am - 6:30pm

Location: Armourers’ Hall, Armourers & Brasiers’ Company, 81 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5BJ