Online Course - An Introduction to Coal and Carbonisation

On demand and instant access to the full course consisting of three modules.

To maximise learning it is recommended that each module is completed in sequence.

Course Modules

The course consists of three modules which should be taken in sequence in order to complete the full course.

Module 1 – Coal Formation

  • Some basic geology
  • The Coal Formation Process
  • Where coal is found worldwide
  • An introduction to Minerals in coal

Module 2 – Coal Characterisation

  • Analytical methods
  • The definition of Coal Rank
  • Coal selection for Carbonisation
  • Minerals in coal in more depth

Module 3 – Fundamentals of Carbonisation

  • The definition of Coking Coal and how it is prepared for carbonisation
  • Carbonisation Principals - the process of converting coal to coke
  • Coking Behaviour - gas pressure development and factors affecting coke yield
  • Commercial Cokemaking - the 3 principle plant configurations for making coke
  • Coke Quality for the Blast Furnace - the main properties required that define metallurgical coke quality

What the course covers

Through this course you will learn some of the fundamentals of coal formation and how it is used to make metallurgical coke by:

  • Discovering how coal was formed over the millennia
  • Identifying the selection criteria for coals for coke making
  • Being introduced to the process of carbonisation to make coke

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how coal is formed and why coals differ in properties
  • Gain knowledge of the methods used to characterise coals and measure their physicochemical properties
  • Gain an insight into how the carbonisation of coal forms coke for metallurgical processes

Who should access the course?

Practitioners in the Steel industry, such as scientists, researchers, technologists, technology managers and Operations and Operational management. Those who are, or who aspire to be senior leaders within the Steel industry or academia.

Course Duration

3 x 40 minute modules

Course Presenter

Dr Colin Atkinson

Dr Colin Atkinson BSc (Hons), PhD
Manager Industrial Decarbonisation Projects

Colin has worked in the area of coal characterisation and cokemaking technology for over 36 years, carrying out research into new coal developments worldwide and quality improvements in cokemaking from coal selection.  In that time, he has encountered nearly every type of coal traded internationally and evaluated their performance in cokemaking, both in yield and coke quality and also performance in the blast furnace ironmaking process.

Colin is currently developing the Materials Processing Institute's research, technology and innovation activities in the development and deployment of Industrial Decarbonisation strategies for foundation and energy intensive industries. He previously led Research Groups of the Materials Processing Institute and Tata Steel aiming to optimise the cokemaking and blast furnace processes to maximise yield and operational stability and to ensure best environmental practice.

Enrolment options for this course

Enrol for the full course, or go through the modules separately (to maximise learning it is recommended that each module is completed in sequence).