Stainless Steelmaking

On demand and instant access to the full course. Certificate on completion.

What the course covers

This course will examine.

  • Stainless steels and their production
  • Base mix and scrap mix stainless steelmaking process routes
  • Stainless steelmaking reactions and the decarburisation of chromium bearing steels
  • The AOD and VOD processes

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the different types of stainless steels
  • To understand the process routes available for stainless steel production
  • To understand the thermodynamics of the refining reactions for decarburisation in the stainless steelmaking process
  • To understand the major industrial processes for stainless steelmaking (AOD and VOD)

Who should access the course?

Practitioners in the steel industry, such as scientists, researchers, technologists, technology managers and operations and operational management. Those who are, or who aspire to be senior leaders within the steel industry or academia.

Course Duration

1 x 40 minute module

Course Presenter

Ken Broome B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc. Metallurgy
Steelmaking Consultant
Materials Processing Institute

Ken has over 40 years experience in the steel industry, in operations, technical and project management at senior management levels in the melting and casting of carbon, alloy and stainless steels.

He has expertise in electric arc furnace steelmaking, secondary steelmaking, ingot and continuous casting.

His achievements include:

  • Successful implementation of major capital schemes, including electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, vacuum degassing and vacuum carbon decarburisation facilities, and continuous caster enhancements
  • Awarded the Sidney Gilchrist Thomas medal by the IOM3 in 2008 for contribution to the technical development and production of special and engineering steels
  • President of the Electric Steel Makers’ Guild 2000 and Technical Secretary for over ten years, responsible for the preparation and implementation of technical programmes
  • Developed and delivered successful ongoing training modules for steelmaking and casting, used in operator and management training

On demand and instant access to the full course. Certificate on completion.